Two successful women and a love for their husbands create a plan with the goal of giving free CBD to millions of cancer patients.

Two successful women and a love for their husbands create a plan with the goal of giving free CBD to millions of cancer patients.

La Jolla, California
September 30, 2019
Nonprofit CBD

Sixty-two percent of cancer patients report being in debt due to their treatment.
Forty-two percent of new cancer patients lose their life savings. 

Approximately 150 CBD products will be given at no cost to cancer patients on Thursday, October 3 from 1:30 – 3:00 PM at the office of Nonprofit CBD, 7580 Fay Avenue, Suite 204 in La Jolla. It’s taken nine years for two successful women to develop a plan to give free CBD to cancer patients. Here’s their story.

Linda Strause, Ph.D., is a professor of nutrition at UCSD and has been active in the cancer pharmaceutical industry for more than three decades. When her husband Randy was diagnosed with brain cancer after more than 30 years of marriage, Linda and their medical team tried everything to treat him and to help ease the side effects from his cancer and treatments. Cannabis was one of the primary tools in their armamentarium. When Randy passed away in 2010, Linda and her two sons vowed to develop products to help address the symptoms of the disease and treatment of cancer patients. Together they formed Randys Club and developed Randy’s Remedy products, a botanically complete blend of natural cannabinoids and terpenes derived from hemp. The Strause family produces the CBD products for Nonprofit CBD.

Dr Phil Wolfson was diagnosed with cancer in January 2016 and was given three weeks to live. His loving wife, Barbara, didn’t accept defeat and journeyed from hospitals in Montana to Texas to California. They used CBD to address the symptoms of the disease and the treatment. Today, Barbara and Phil (very much alive and in remission) are evangelical about the use of CBD for cancer patients. Their story can be heard at the Nonprofit CBD office Thursday at 1:30 PM. Dr. Strause will also be available to answer questions.

Nonprofit CBD was created as a California Mutual Benefit Nonprofit Corporation. At, two CBD products are available. Visitors can purchase a CBD one-ounce liquid for oral use, with 300 mg of CBD and a one-ounce lotion, also with 300 mg of CBD. Both products sell for approximately 70% less than average retail prices in stores or online. Fifty percent of the gross revenue, less shipping costs, are donated to pay for free CBD for cancer patients. From each sale of a three-pack of Nonprofit CBD, one CBD product is donated to a cancer patient. The goal of this plan is to donate free CBD every month to millions of cancer patients. Details of the distribution of CBD donations will be available on our website.

To contact Linda or Barbara, send an email to: and respectively.

If a cancer patient or their family would like to receive free CBD but cannot attend Thursday’s event, they can leave a note at

The press is also invited to attend this meeting.
7580 Fay Avenue  Suite 204  La Jolla California 92037 +1.858.822.9841

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