Nonprofit CBD was created as a California Mutual Benefit Nonprofit Corporation. We sell two CBD products, an oral tincture, and a lotion. You can buy a three-pack of our one-ounce, 300 mg tincture or lotion for $36.00, including shipping. The same products are available for $39.00 each online today.

When I shop, I frequently select the more expensive product, thinking it’s better than a less expensive one. Please, take my word for it, our CBD, although selling for about 70% less than comparable products, is a first-class CBD product you will enjoy, especially if you enjoy saving money.

I have friends that use CBD who are on a fixed income; some are retired, others are students. They simply can’t afford the high prices of CBD today. We created Nonprofit CBD to make these products available to more people who can’t afford to pay $45.00 for one bottle.

Nonprofit CBD donates one CBD product to a cancer patient from each one we sell online. Thank you for trying our products today. Please write to me at with any questions.